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We strive to keep our ordering process quick, simple, and accurate! In four easy steps you and your business will be on your way to a quality custom product.

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Approve Mockups
Begin Production
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embroidery machine embroidering

What can we embroider?

  • Fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, nylon, and felt

  • Leather and suede

  • Denim and other heavy-duty materials

  • Hats and caps

  • Towels and other linens

  • Bags and backpacks

  • Patches and badges

embrodery machine embroidering a hat
  • Embroidery is a simple way to make your items look more professional and upscale.

  • Super durable and can stand up to lots of washing

  • Great for businesses or organizations looking to create a recognizable brand image

  • A really neat and cost effective way to add some personalization to your products

  • Embroidered items have a timeless quality that never goes out of style!

What are the benefits?

DCB ectrical embroidered hats
Six Nations paramedics embroidered jacket
Norfolk Fire Department puff stitch embroidered hat
ProWhip embroidered hat
equipment center embroidered hat
Haldimand-Norfolk junior farmers embroidered jacket
Haley's elevator embroidered camo hat
Small Town Wrenches embroidered truck hat
puff stitch example
iron-on-patches example
metallic thread example
Applique example

Make your business stand out with our specialty embroidery techniques

Now that’s Stitchin’!


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